Digital Success for Eltana in the Era of COVID-19 🥯

Photo of bagels and cream cheese

Intro 💡

The Problem 💥

Eltana’s Requirements:

The Solution ✔️

Tech Stack:

Square Online Store 🥯:

Image of Eltana’s Online Store with Square
Eltana’s Online Store — Square

Routing Engine ⚙️:

What does it do?

Let’s dive in!

"orders": [
"id": "7227c0c1-198f-3719-a32d-d99a61d33589",
"neighborhood": "WEST-SEATTLE",
"address": "1234 1st Avenue N",
"city": "Seattle",
"state": "WA",
"zip": "98101",
"name": "Indiana Jones",
"phone": "+1 123-456-7890"
Eltana Manifest
Eltana Order Totals — Manifest
Eltana Google Maps Links — Manifest
screenshot of manifest
screenshot of manifest
Orders that encounter routing issues are attached at the bottom for managers to manually process
screenshot of order spreadsheets
Order Info CSV Attachments

How The Engine Works ⚙️

High Level Diagram 🗺️

Architectural Diagram of the Routing Engine

Management Console — Web App 👨‍💻

Eltana Web App Screenshot
Eltana Web App for Manifest Generation

Measuring Success 📈


Number Crunching Time

More Numbers COVID-19 era…

How about sales?

Sales Graph
COVID ERA Online Sales

So back to our opening question…

Boxes of bagels waiting to go out for delivery
Boxes of bagels waiting to go out for their online delivery :)


Closing Thoughts 🥯



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