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Before we begin

Full Disclosure: This article is not sponsored (or promoted) by Fastly, Terraform, GitLab or any other organization. The sole purpose of this article is support the opensource community. 🖥️

Intro 💡

Over the past year, many organizations have gone through a transitional phase to adopt faster, smarter, and more developer friendly technologies. For many companies, this involved migrating their entire CDN (Content Delivery Network) to Fastly. For these organizations it can also be the prime opportunity to adopt Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodologies and a robust pipeline for Continuous Delivery.

Key Terms:

Eltana is a wood fired bagel café located in Seattle, WA. Home to some famous Montreal style bagels and great coffee.

Photo of bagels and cream cheese

Intro 💡

The pandemic shifted the way customers interact with their favorite cafes almost overnight. Restaurants had to adapt to serve their customer’s digitally in a world where food and people always went hand in hand.

Eltana had already been focusing on its digital customer experience for a while now with online pickups, preorders, and catering. This ultimately helped Eltana be well positioned for a huge shift in customer behavior during COVID-19. By having a solid digital presence and foundation, Eltana…

Grant Birkinbine

Technology, Security, and Peanut Butter enthusiast.

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